Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik

You should really read the story behind this painting, it will leave you speechless and in awe….and might actually leave you with the belief that you know what Jesus really looks like. Her story is worth the read and will leave you with a changed heart, forever.

Akiane’s life began in an unusual way; she was delivered in an underwater birth in a shack on the edge of a cornfield near Chicago in 1994. Her mother, Forelli, a teacher from Lithuania and her father Mark, a cook from Chicago were young and struggling parents experiencing severe financial hardships in their rural Illinois home. The family had no friends, no relatives, no television or radio – their life was quite simple – long walks in nature, open conversations, home-schooling and hands on explorations of knowledge in a very nurturing environment. They were loving, idealistic, poor – - and atheists. Spiritual matters were not discussed in their home.

Akiane’s family was mystified when, at age 4, she began describing her visions of God, Jesus, Angels and Heaven. Foreli, Akiane’s mother says “to an atheist Jesus is a nightmare!” Nevertheless, gradually the days became filled with thinking, painting and writing as Akiane’s mother recorded journal after journal of Akiane’s experiences. Akiane‘s pencil and charcoal sketches filled the house. By age 6 Akiane was painting in acrylics, then oils. At age 7 she suddenly began writing extraordinary poetry, usually on spiritual themes.

At age of eight the self-taught prodigy; equipped with her visions, paint bush and ladder completed a five-foot tall oil painting of Jesus titled “Prince of Peace”which is considered her first masterpiece. Soon Akiane gained global attention by making regular appearances on prime-time TV and radio such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Glen Beck Show/CNN, The View, Fox News, Montel Williams Show, Late Show, Lou Dobbs Show/CNN, Hour of Power, and numerous others, along with top media coverage in Brazil, Japan, Korea, Norway, Lithuania, Ireland, England, Canada, the Middle East, and China.

At age 9 Akiane Kramarik was inducted into the Children’s Hall of Fame. Though Akiane says she was “born to be a painter” it takes focus and dedication. Often Akiane spends over 100 hours on a single painting. She rises at four o’clock most mornings to read the Bible, pray and then paints for several hours before joining her family. Home-schooling and studies are an important part of each day. Akiane is intensely interested in cultures of the world and speaks Lithuanian, Russian, English and signs, plays the piano and recently began composing music.

Akiane is now considered to be one of the Top 20 realistic artists in the world and is the only known binary genius in both realistic art and poetry. Both her paintings and the poetry that accompany her images often are filled with riddles, symbols and codes. Her style is unusually versatile and profoundly complex as she is trying to reveal the deepest 
workings of the unknown.

Akiane seems to have an awareness of reality, seen or unseen, that penetrates deeper than that of the ordinary mind often touching the divine. The images of her original masterpieces are finished to such an ultra-realistic level that they seem to transcend the canvas transporting us into the artist’s world of exponentially authentic reality.

Original paintings are sought after by collectors globally and consistently increase in value. Her first painting sold for $10,000 at age 8 – today collectors pay over $250,000 for originals and commissioned work.

Those who have gotten to know this young genius, find her joyful, gentle, dedicated, modest and unpretentious. During her leisure Akiane loves writing her poetry and novels, composing on a piano, brushing up on four languages, fashion designing, sewing and playing with her four brothers – two older and two younger. She will frolic with her golden retriever and a few close friends in the forest and even draw in the coloring books along with the youngsters, just to have fun. It seems that she can equally connect with all age groups. Those who come in contact with Akiane are seldom the same and hundreds have followed in Akiane’s footsteps and decide to pursue self-education by following their true passion.

Interest in Akiane and her work has reached unprecedented proportions. Aside from her amazing art, poetry and best selling books , her first masterpiece, “Prince of Peace” , Akiane’s portrait of Jesus is featured in the New York Times #1 Best Seller “Heaven is For Real” a little boy’s astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back by Todd Burpo. In this story young Colton’s Burpo’s is near death when he has emergency surgery. During the operation 4 year old Colton is taken into Heaven and returns back with memories of his other worldly experience. Over time Colton’s 
parents realize he has been to Heaven and back – while there he speaks of being with Jesus – the same and exact likeness that Akiane painted many years earlier!

Todd Burpo, the author of “Heaven is for Real”, called the Kramarik family and asked permission to use “Prince of Peace” in there upcoming book – they said yes and the rest is history in the making. The book has sold over 7 million copies in just over a year! Sony has purchased the movie rights and the movie “Heaven is for Real” is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2013!

Akiane is unpretentious and completely oblivious to praise, criticism or accolades. Akiane, who is now 17, has authored two best selling books, “Akiane, her life, her art, her poetry and My Dream is Bigger than I – she has created over 200 published works of art and continues to love expressing herself through art and poetry while inspiring and changing countless lives one person at a time. Akiane says …

“I have been blessed by God – and if I’m blessed, there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others. I want my art to draw people’s attention to God and I want my poetry to keep it there.”

To this end Art & SoulWorks is pleased offer Akiane’s art to you in many formats from original painting to stationery products. We are honored to share “Prince of Peace” Akiane portrait of Jesus and Akiane’s story with you. A portion of these proceeds are donated to Christian Organizations globally.

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